♦Joachim Michles♦

the Augmenting Vampire
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Joachim Michles

Joe Michles -Member of The Cullens
-The Augmenter Vampire
Age= 199y/o     Height= 192cm     Weight= 95kg     
Sexuality= Straight     Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= American
Species= Vampire     Main Weapons= Fists

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When there's nothing else you can do to change the circumstances, just smile, because most times it is the only thing that a person can do without making things worse.

Joachim Michles
Basic Info
Full Name Joachim Michles
Pronunciation JO-ə-kim mich-ley
Meaning ---
Born July 1st 1813
Current Age 199 years old
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive (undead)

Chicago 1933

Background Info
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Type of Childhood Fun, though a bit crowded
Most Important Childhood Event Helped his mother when she was giving birth
Type of Smarts Farmsmarts
Religious Views Agnostic
Earliest Memory Being thrown into the creek by his oldest brother
Firsts Kiss = Claire Michles
Sex = Claire Michles
Love = Claire Michles
Family Info
Mother Anne Michles (deceased)
Father Joseph Michles (deceased)
Siblings 7 people, all of them deceased
Other Family Members Wife = Claire Michles (deceased)
Son = Joachim Michles Jr. (deceased)

Engagement Ring


Eye Colour Black when hungry, golden brown when full
Hair Colour Dark brown
Height 192 cm
Weight 95 kg
Nationality American
Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent Doesn't have one now
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 11
Blood Type None
Voice Second baritone
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Non-Combat Abilities Farming and gardening
Clothing Style Casual
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Athletic


General Info

Relationship Status Single (widower)
Nicknames Jo or Joe
Sign Cancer
Meaning of Sign Element = Water
Ruling Planet = Moon
Symbol = the crab
Birth Stone = Ruby
Current Location City of Forks
Pets None
Likes Watching things grow
Dislikes Seeing a woman cry
Fears/Phobias Losing his family
(for the time being, the Cullens family)
Hobbies Gardening
Motto "You reap what you sow"
Things He Won't Do Burs a forest?
Person He Secretly Admire Emmett Cullen
Most Influenced By Carlisle Cullen
Moral Compass North, for most times
Most Important Person Before Forks His wife and son (before they died)
Most Important Person Now The Cullens
Immediate Goals Nothing in particular
Long Term Goals Seeing the Cullen family gro larger

Cancer Zodiac


Vices Smoking
Bad Habits Always burps at least once everytime he finished feeding, an unnecessary thing to do for vampires, and it is also annoyed Esme and Rosalie sometimes
Sleeping Habits He doesn't sleep
Quirks Forget to move for a long time, especially when in the garden, watching the plants grow


Dream Job A farmer
Current Job WIP


Colour Green
Music Folk music
Food none
Animal Dogs
Book WIP



Fanged teeth
Skills Augmenting other people's powers.
Weapon of Choice His fists.
Strengths His punch and hand-grip
Weaknesses He's movement is slower than most vampires, in the Cullens family only Emmett is slower than him
Role Play Led 0
Role Play Been On 0

  1. Joe has the special ability of augmenting other people's powers. This ability works especially well on other vampires.
  2. As a vampire, Joe is an immortal and doesn't age or get sick.
  3. As a vampire, Joe has the strength above that of normal humans.
  4. As a vampire, Joe has the speed above that of normal humans.
  5. As a vampire, Joe has his senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) hightened compared to normal humans.

General Personality

Joe originally has a typical backwater country-boy kind of personality, but now it has somehow developed into a more reserved kind of personality, although when he's angry the country-boy personality side of him somehow shows up again.

Unlike most vampires, he doesn't really enjoy riding a fast moving vehicle. He prefers a slower vehicle where he can just relax and watch the environment around him as he goes.

He used to have suicidal tendency, but since he avenged his family, that tendency doesn't really surfaced anymore.

Do not disturb his garden/plants. If he kills you because you destroyed his garden, it's your fault. He gladly welcomes criticisms about his garden, though.

General Reactions

Reacts to a Crisis? With a smirk
Face Their Problems? Passingly
Reacts to Change Obliviously
Alignment WIP


Attitude Liberal
Personality Bright (although sometimes it is to cover the gloominess in his heart)
Talents Gardening and farming
Social Skills Good
Mannerisms Free, bordering on being rude
Peculiarities He enjoys feeding on amphibian creatures

Self Perception

One Word to Describe Gardener
Best Physical Trait His hands and arms
Worst Physical Trait His ears (a bit deformed from birth)
Things to Change About Self Nothing
Mental State Contend
Mental/Emotional Disorders Suicidal tendencies (non-accurring for the time being)
Emotional Stability Stable


Greatest Fear Losing his family again
Most at Ease When? In his garden
Priorities Family (the Cullens)
Past Failures Unable to protect his family
Biggest Accomplishment Had a son
Darkest Secret He enjoys reading chick-lit stories
Secret Known by Anyone? Edward Cullen, and maybe Carlisle.
Personal Tragedy Death of wife and son
Outlook on Life Neutral
One Wish To be able to meet his dead wife and son
Character Flaw Not easy to let go of old memories

Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Cheerfully
Perceived by Strangers An easy to smile person
Perceived by Lover Kind, but reckless
Perceived by Friends Garden freak
Perceived by Family Useful
First Impression Dumb but harmless
Family/Friends Like Most? Carlisle Cullen
Family/Friends Like Least Alice Cullen (she moves too much)

Name Relation Feelings

Life In Forks


Out Of Character Notes

Role Character Plays Vampire/Resident of Forks
Inspiration Behind Creation Nothing in particular
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship None
Current Active RP's None